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Office Space
Office buildings are usually loosely grouped into one of three categories: Class A, Class B, or Class C. These classifications are all relative and largely depend on context.
Strip centers are smaller retail properties that may or may not contain anchor tenants. Examples of anchor tenants are Wal-Mart, Publix, or Home Depot. Strip centers typical contain a mix of small retail stores.
We specialize in structuring individual and blanket loans that is flexible to handle all of your residential investment needs.  Whether you own several single family properties or 1-4 family units we can help!
Do you own an automotive repair shop? Alta Financial is one of the industries leading companies that know how to deal with this asset class. It can be tricky but let us do the front end research to make sure we can get the job done efficiently and correctly.
Mixed Use
Mixed use commercial real estate is one of Alta Financial's most important asset classes. Owner occupied or investment we would love to help you accomplish your goals.
Loans can be raised from the warehouse keeper against the goods stored by the owner. Goods act as security for the warehouse keeper. Similarly, banks and other financial institutions also advance loans against warehouse receipts.
Self-storage is a unique asset class. It has a reputation of providing relatively high yields and has also proven to be resistant to recession due to its lower declines and default ratios vis-à-vis other asset classes.
Light Industrial
Flex space is industrial property that can be easily converted and normally includes a mix of both industrial and office space.
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Available Business Loan Products...

Short-Term Funding
Funding Amount
$5,000 - $50,000
Time to Funding
24 - 72 Hours
Term Length
3 - 24 Months
Medium-Term Loan
Funding Amount
$25,000 - $500,000
Time to Funding
1 - 2 Weeks
Term Length
1 - 5 Years
SBA Loan
Funding Amount
$5,000 - $350,000
Time to Funding
2 - 4 Weeks
Term Length
5 - 10 Years
Equipment Financing
Funding Amount
$5,000 - $1,000,000
Time to Funding
3 - 5 Days
Term Length
1 - 6 Years
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